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Kuroshitsuji Special 10th May 2014

Since the movie 'Kuroshitsuji is airing, we couldn't resist NOT to hold a Kuroshitsuji Special! It was decided as I personally love the series a lot ;3 My favourite character is Sebby! But I was too short to cosplay Sebby T.T thus i had to cosplay Ciel ~

A) 'Guess the Murderer'
Challenge Kazue or Elizabeth in this game!
B) 'Luck of the Akuma'
Sure win dip!

Selca w Kazue or Elizabeth and we'll also personalize it for u~

Autograph session:
Kazue, will be cosplaying a character from Kuroshitsuji and selling his new cosplay prints and autograph for you, of cos~

'I am simply one hell of a butler' - Kazue

Heading out in cabby~

You know, I've really tried so hard to find the head pieces for Ciel...where to find lilies that are pretty and small for my head?! I couldn't T.T Searched high and low...anyone knows, pls let me know yea~ Anyway, let's move on to the booth pics~

The game was fun thou! Trying to pair the cards lol~ There were also many Kuroshitsuji goods imported for this event, all 1 each~ Were you one of those who bought the goodies home? ^_^