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Utapri Special 12th April 2014

Have you joined our Utapri special events back then? Kazue and I held the first one back on 12th April 2014 and it was a hit success ^_^

A) Flip and match!
Challenge Kazue or Elizabeth in this game to find the matching card! How many matches can you get before ur 3 chances run out?!
B) Sure win lucky dip!
Dip your hand in to pick ur lucky ball to find out what you have won!

Bidding session:
Items in our album looks so cute!!! Are you the lucky one to bring it home? Try your luck at our hourly bidding session! Highest bidder wins ♥

Selca w Kazue (Natsuki/Satsuki) or Elizabeth (Nanami) and we'll also sign it for u ;)

Autograph session:
Kazue, who have been cosplaying Natsuki/Satsuki with Star Princes will be selling his cosplay prints for the very first time! He will autograph for you, of cos ♥

We had lots of fun with Utapri fans! The bidding game was so nerve wrecking for bidders too ~

Mega busy day for Kazue lol~ There were also some who went for the polaroids!

Kazue was so lenient to some who didn't have much luck in the games too! We were both so tired after the event, seeing all the happy faces, it was all worthy ^_^