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Haru Kiosk 29th Mar 2014

Here are some of the anime goods we have gotten during our recent trip to Tokyo! Will be putting them on sale at Haru Kiosk at Scape Bazaar! Stay tuned to know more or check our FB page if u cannot wait ♥ 

Thank you for the anticipation for the new goods released~
Catch you all soon ♥

Here are some of our goods preview, of cos there will be more!

For the Mask Rider fans :


Macross Frontier fans :


K-On fans :

Tiger and Bunny fans :

Kuroko no Basket fans :

Many titles like Amnesia, Free!, Magi, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titian, Guilty Crown, Utapri, One Piece and so many more~

Kuroshitsuji Special 10th May 2014

Since the movie 'Kuroshitsuji is airing, we couldn't resist NOT to hold a Kuroshitsuji Special! It was decided as I personally love the series a lot <3 My favourite character is Sebby! But I was too short to cosplay Sebby T.T thus i had to cosplay Ciel ~

A) 'Guess the Murderer' 
Challenge Kazue or Elizabeth in this game!
B) 'Luck of the Akuma'
Sure win dip!

Selca w Kazue or Elizabeth and we'll also personalize it for u~

Autograph session:
Kazue, will be cosplaying a character from Kuroshitsuji and selling his new cosplay prints and autograph for you, of cos~

'I am simply one hell of a butler' - Kazue

Heading out in cabby~

You know, I've really tried so hard to find the head pieces for Ciel...where to find lilies that are pretty and small for my head?! I couldn't T.T Searched high and low...anyone knows, pls let me know yea~ Anyway, let's move on to the booth pics~

The game was fun thou! Trying to pair the cards lol~ There were also many Kuroshitsuji goods imported for this event, all 1 each~ Were you one of those who bought the goodies home? ^_^

Utapri Special 12th April 2014

Have you joined our Utapri special events back then? Kazue and I held the first one back on 12th April 2014 and it was a hit success ^_^

A) Flip and match!
Challenge Kazue or Elizabeth in this game to find the matching card! How many matches can you get before ur 3 chances run out?!
B) Sure win lucky dip!
Dip your hand in to pick ur lucky ball to find out what you have won!

Bidding session:
Items in our album looks so cute!!! Are you the lucky one to bring it home? Try your luck at our hourly bidding session! Highest bidder wins ♥

Selca w Kazue (Natsuki/Satsuki) or Elizabeth (Nanami) and we'll also sign it for u ;)

Autograph session:
Kazue, who have been cosplaying Natsuki/Satsuki with Star Princes will be selling his cosplay prints for the very first time! He will autograph for you, of cos ♥

We had lots of fun with Utapri fans! The bidding game was so nerve wrecking for bidders too ~

Mega busy day for Kazue lol~ There were also some who went for the polaroids!

Kazue was so lenient to some who didn't have much luck in the games too! We were both so tired after the event, seeing all the happy faces, it was all worthy ^_^